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Hydrozone is the first polymer designed to help plants maintain water and fertilizer. An adequate supply of high quality fresh water has become a critical issue for many. Booming populations have increased the demand on the world’s already limited supply. In addition, seasonal fluctuations in rainfall and periodic droughts have created a feast-to-famine cycle. This is causing an ever-growing issue for landscape and garden watering. Maintaining a healthy attractive landscape is becoming more difficult and expensive. How can you keep you plants alive and flourishing without breaking the bank? The answer is Hydrozone!

Proper raised bed or potted plants require a major investment in time and money. These typically require more frequent watering. Raised bed and hanging plants that have not had adequate watering will have a shorter life span, be more susceptible to disease, and be overall less fully developed. How can you ensure that raised bed pots are healthy and well hydrated? The answer is Hydrozone!

Hydrozone has been helping golf courses, schools, and public land save money and increase plant growth for over 20 years.


  • Reduces watering need by a minimum of 50%

  • Offers aeration when dry.

  • Will not push plants out of soil.

  • Will not suffer from “wet feet.”

  • Will hold water on a hill or slope.

  • Will not affect the pH in plants.

  • Will grow anything in sand.

  • Is the cheapest insurance when planting any tree.

Hydrozone helps:

  • Reduce fertilizer requirements

  • Reduce watering needs by 70%.

  • Promote new growth.

Hydrozone’s ability to retain water makes it ideal for use in potted plants.

Does your city or state have water restrictions? Is it destroying your landscaping? Hydrozone helps maintain an attractive landscape all while reducing water needs.

Hydrozone …does not break down, purchase once / Use forever.

It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.